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Cruise around town defeating your enemies and completing missions.Welcome back to Adult Porn Games, we are proud to announce a new partnership with GRAND FUCK AUTO!It is seriously one of the most popular (100,000 players daily) online adult role playing games in the World.By using a few simple steps, you can get to meeting the porn star of your dreams in no time!Notre Dame wide receiver Justin Brent has serious game -- even though he hasn't scored on the field yet -- last night he bagged legendary porn star Lisa Ann in NYC. took 42-year-old Lisa Ann to the Knicks game at MSG where they were all over each other during what our sources say was an official date.I mean, it’s a pretty nice boost to the ego, am I right? Be careful with alcohol because it dehydrates your body, so your sperm won’t be as strong after hitting up the bar. [Read: What do women really think about your penis? You’re young, you’re sexual, so it’s normal that you enjoy masturbating daily.


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