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Meditation — or familiarizing ourself with positivity — is at the heart of Buddhism.By practicing Buddhist meditation we are protected from the suffering caused by our so-called ‘delusions’ – unpeaceful, uncontrolled states of mind such as anger, attachment and ignorance that give rise to nothing but suffering.But that awakening is only the first in a complicated journey of self-discovery, or perhaps non-self-discovery, on the part of the AI protagonists. The park’s human visitors behave like animals, mostly either raping the hosts or killing them.(“Rape” may be too strong in some cases, but since the hosts have been programmed not to resist, they certainly can’t consent.) Only, it’s not rape or murder, because the hosts aren’t human. First, it becomes clear that the human visitors are depraved by their unwholesome conduct.Indeed, only in the last episode do we learn that one of the show’s storylines had in fact occurred 35 years in the past and its innocent hero evolved into the show’s sinister villain.Second, as the series unfolds, we begin to suspect that the hosts are self-aware and that the suffering they seem to experience is thus real as well.

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Only a few awaken to the truth: that these habits keep them from freedom and that their “selves” are really just the results of cause and effect. Consciousness is really just a series of empty phenomena rolling on, dependent upon conditions, like a highly complex player piano. Beneath its dystopic, science fiction surface, the show is one of the most fascinating ruminations on the dharma I’ve seen in American popular culture.

“In general, all Buddha’s teachings, the Dharma, are very precious, but Kadam Dharma or Lamrim is a very special Buddhadharma that is suitable for everyone without exception….

This is because Kadam Dharma accords with people’s daily experience; it cannot be separated from daily life.” ~ Kadampa Buddhism is practical, applied Buddhism.

Chung Tai Chan Monastery was founded by Grand Master Wei Chueh, an heir of the Linji (Rinzai) lineage of Chan Buddhism dating back to 9th century China.

Many in the international Buddhist community, especially in Taiwan, consider Grand Master Wei Chueh one of the greatest living Chinese Chan Masters.


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